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HOGAN REAL ESTATE SERVICES has 34 years of real estate development experience in many states including 28 years in the South Texas real estate market. A reputation of quality developments has been built with a highly professional organization providing:


Development Services


Management Services


Brokerage Services


Maintenance Services


Bookkeeping Services

HOGAN REAL ESTATE SERVICES has under development, constructed, owned and/or managed approximately 3.7 million square feet of commercial space for its own account, and over 1.0 million square feet of assets owned by valued customers. Apartment Units developed in other states and in Texas number 3,500. The estimated cost of developments completed in Texas by the principals of the company since 1975 is $241,600,000.


HOGAN REAL ESTATE SERVICES, is organized into service groups, that each have their own specialties, yet function in support of the other divisions.


THE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES division, is organized to provide both in-house development expertise for HOGAN REAL ESTATE SERVICES and third party development management services for the development, financing and construction, of Industrial buildings, Office buildings, Retail Centers, Business Park development, and Multi-family projects.

Complete development Services are available for design-build projects as well as Build-to-Suit projects with long term leases for the credit worthy companies.


HOGAN REAL ESTATE SERVICES provides construction management for the projects it manages. Years of real estate development have given HOGAN REAL ESTATE SERVICES the first-hand appreciation for the costs associated with the design and build-out of tenant lease space and the constant make ready expenses associated with multi-family properties.

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